Industrial air conditioning and conditioner systems

Ac Graf is specialized in designing and manufacturing its own air conditioning and conditioner systems

Atex Air conditioners / Heat pumps

Indoor-outdoor air conditioners for potential explosive environment

Container/shelter air conditioners

Monoblocks and split air conditioners for areas up to 65°C

Air conditioners for metrological rooms

Effective quality control systems of microclimate parameters and air quality

Railway sector air conditioners

Chillers and under/upper frame or train roof polivalent air conditioners

Industrial air conditioners

Thermoregulation systems for production plants

Made in Italy air conditioning systems

Custom thermoregulation systems for every sector

Made in Italy air conditioning systems

AC Graf products present in the worldwide market is the representation of the “Made in Italy” brand which means style, quality, design, aesthetic and innovation.

They Choose our conditioners

Industrial refrigeration

The use of AC Graf products means maintaining a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere despite the environment they are installed. Thus, a significant improve of working conditions, productivity and temperature reduction of operating machineries which will enable these ones working in line with safety standards

Our products

Our customers require at the same time functional, aesthetical, innovative products and AC Graf must be able to satisfy these requirements. That is why we personally design and realize projects with a high quality profile.


Atex Conditioners


Industrial Conditioners


Industrial Conditioners


Industrial Conditioners


Container and Shelter Conditioners


Container and Shelter Conditioners


Container and Shelter Conditioners


Container and Shelter Conditioners

Our services


Product design is performed and supported by 3D CAD software present in our technical office. Through our own customized libraries, the software is able to design complex part shapes in a short period of time.


Production plant is an internal part of our headquarter and it is under control of the technical office staff. We are able to realize electro-fluidic systems highly complex and they are all subjected to functional quality control test at the end of the production process. AC Graf believe, train its labor force and continually empower its relationship with suppliers. Consequently, our products are reliable and have a shorten time-to-market.

Service and support

With the AC GRAF SERVICE brand, we offer to our customers after-sales support and customized assistance during the entire product life cycle. With a strong technical service center network, we are more close to customers in order to guaranty a high service level.

assistenza condizionatori industriali

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