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Design and production of industrial air conditioners and air conditioning systems

Ac Graf provides its service to industries and research centers by supplying systems andor devices for air-conditioning, thermoregulation of process fluids and equipment room cooling.

We operate worldwide in the railways and steel industry. We are also specialized in the construction of air-conditioned laboratories, quality control cabins, military shelter and environments potentially explosive.


We have advanced technical tools to continually provide up-to-date products such as 3D Design, flow management software, testing rooms and benches for internal testing

Made in Italy

The whole production process is made in Italy, from the design to testing


AC Graf is certified ISO 9001 since 2000 and operates according to this standard. We dispose a corporate Fgas certificate and a part of the personnel


From the local market, Ac Graf expansion strategy is to follow its customers in the European and international markets


We provide very high flexible and customized solutions for our customers. We are able to manufacture products based on customer specifications or requirements


Keen attention to product performance by focusing on energy saving


Industrial Air-conditioning systems worldwide

We’re specialized in offering complete conditioning solutions to companies and industries. We operate all over the world with the largest companies. With our products, we contribute to realize innovative projects

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Service and distribution

Assistance, training and technical support

Ac Graf Service is our Post-sales service, which ensures our customers both product installation and relative training, but also reparations, spare parts and assistance, in a totally reliable and timely way.

We developed this business line because we believe that our product should be followed in a suitable way from its design until the completion of its life cycle. The service is open to all our customers, including international ones, because Ac Graf Service is boundless

Ac Graf conditioners distribution

Our products are also distributed by technological and commercial partners.

Here you can find the closest vendors to your company:



Green quality

Environmental issues are more and more becoming worrisome due to the impact of industrial activities since two century till now. However, AC Graf objective is to design product with very low environmental impacts.

We focused on the development of green - environmentally sustainable products, since the environmental impact of our creations and processes is a projectual cornerstone, which assist all stages of its life cycle, not just trying to obey laws and safety standards, but to communicate that "green" is also "good." Our Ac Graf technicians undertakes to study techniques and tools to improve productivity, reduce energy costs, but also lower the environmental impact. .

Ac Graf has achieved ISO 9001 certification certifying its quality management system and certifying both the effectiveness and the efficiency of its business processes. Our company is able to handle orders from anywhere in the world, adapting to local standards. When conditions requires it, we can operate according to the ATEX legislation.

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