ModyBoxTM is a modular system of Pre-assembled Constructives Elements, enriched by an exclusive range of Integrated Systems.

Entirely designed on 3D CAD tools, it guarantees the perfect functioning of all its components.

The Constructive Elements are available in the product lines:

  • AluFrame, with pre-assembled partitions in aluminum
  • BreakFree, with continuous customized partitions

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The range of Integrated Systems includes:

  • Electric Wirings and ducts/plugs in compliance with CE norms
  • Lighting according to international standards
  • Cables and plugs for data and telephone connections
  • Climate control with canalized air treatment
  • Pneumatic distribution for compressed air
  • Water distribution for sanitary water

ModyBoxTM can be installed inside or outside existing industrial structures to create protected environments with monitored micro-climate.

ModyBoxTM can be supplied:

“Turn-key solution”

  • Mod.En will analyze your requests always proposing you the optimal constructive solution and will be the only interlocutor in all phases of realization of the system.
  • The close collaboration with a partner company specialized in industrial climatizations will guarantee
  • the correct sizing of the plants, conjugating technical specifications with investment availability. Assemblage specialized teams distributed on the national territory will furnish you a rapid service of installation with competence and professionalism.


Assembly Kit

  • Standard modules, simplified connections and clear and intuitive graphic instructions make the installation extremely simple, also for less experienced technicians.
  • Mod.En Technical Department will furnish all necessary information for the study of the solution and for the realization of the project.

MODYBOXTM system advantages

Fast and accurate Design

  • 3D modeling thanks to CAD libraries and to coding of each module
  • Part-lists available in real time
  • Reduced design costs, clarity and completeness of the lay-out, simulation of all the encumbrances, no delay or extra-costs in phase of installation

Reduced Time of Production

  • Catalog parts usually available in stock Rapid provisioning of special parts thanks to the complete coding
  • Standardized method of assemblage for all modules
  • Simplified construction-site Activities All modules are pre-assembled and numbered
  • Simplified hooks allow rapid assemblage operations
  • Fittings are furnished pre-wired, with interfaces and “plug-and-play” connections


Rapid and Simple Modifiability

The complete standardization of modules and the absence of weldings in junctions make extremely simple and economic any change, even far after first installation

ModyBox AluFrame Series represents the ideal solutions for the construction of:

  • Cells with checked temperature for CMMs and measuring instruments
  • Containment boxes for CNCs
  • Engine-test or special equipments cabins Climatic cells for tests on materials Technical Departments in production areas Data Centres
  • Realizable Dimensions: from m 1x1xh2 to m 6x4xh4 Temperature Set Point up to +/- 1K R.H. Set Point up to +/- 10%

The MODY BOX system is composed by

Structure, Horizontal and Vertical  Modules

  • Structural analysis and correspondence to Technical Standards for Construction
  • Main framework in anodized light alloy or in painted steel Partitions in metallic bi-laminated, insulated with polyurethane foam or mineral fiber fire resistant
  • Glazing in double stratified transparent glass
  • Openings (doors and shutter doors) with sliding or swinging doors. Locks, anti-panic handles, hermetically sealed  gaskets
  • Floor dressed with auto-lying or raised modules. Rubber or
  • resin coating for continuous finishing

Air-conditioning and Air Treatment

  • Direct expansion cooling machines with reverse-cycle
  • Refrigerators of liquid, A. H. U. with resistors post-heating and relative humidity control
  • Flows canalized distributions with anti-stratification air intake from bottom

Electrical System

  • Distribution in modular ducts, complete series of accessories available from the catalogue
  • Lighting calculation according to European standards, led or fluorescent devices

Pneumatic System

  • Quick-connection modular system, free of welds.
  • Chromated and painted pipes, junctions in nylon for operating pressure up to 12 BAR

Hydraulic System

  • Pipes and connections in H. P. F. alloy, chemical cold weldings, corrosion resistant,
  • impervious to oxygen. Sanitary Compliance Certification.
  • Drains realized with PVC connections and rapid junction

New Series ModyBox Office:

The design of partitioned environments for officesdemands a specific attention to the aesthetical detail and to the comfort of the users. The new Series ModyBox Office answers to actual demands of organization of the working spaces, with solutions that privilege the distributive rationality and the thermal, acoustic and bright comfort

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