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Product description

Tropicalized split air conditioner unit for containers, shelters, operator cabine, electric boxes and modular units. The particular constructive technology allows the installation of Kran in harsh environments with temperature up to 70°C and presence of dust, typical of the steel industries. Simple and sturdy is available in cooling only or in cooling and heating version.

Technical Data

Kran   35 45 60
Potenza Frigorifera *
Cooling capacity *
kW 3,5 4,7 6,0
Potenza assorbita in raffreddamento
Power input in cooling
W 1700 2150 2500
Potenza Termica**
Heating capacity**
kW 3 3 4,5
Potenza assorbita in riscaldamento
Power input in heating
W 3200 3250 4800
Portata aria evaporatore (min/max)
Evaporator air flow (min/max)
m3/h 550 / 800 700 / 1000 850 / 1200
Livello pressione sonora (min/max)
Sound pressure level (min/max)
dB(A) 42 / 44 43 / 47 45 / 50
Limiti termperatura estterna in raffreddamento
External temperature limits in cooling mode
°C -10*** ÷ +60
Alimentazione Elettrica
Power supply
V/Ph/Hz 400/3/50
Dimensioni unità interna Internal unit dimensioins AxBxC (mm) 650x330x600 800x330x600
Dimensioni untà esterna
External unit dimensions
DxExF (mm) 1000x700x650 1000x700x800 1150x750x900
Peso (UI + UE)
Weight (IU + EU)
kg 43 + 110 45 + 128 55 + 146
Performances referred to the following operating conditions:
* Cooling capacity: Internal temperature 27°C d.b. 19°C w.b. - External temperature 50°C d.b.

**Heating capacity obtained by armored electric heaters.

***With optional condensation control.

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