AC LABO Climate rooms

Air-conditioned metrology rooms and laboratories for industrial applications.

AC GRAF, with thirty years of experience in the air conditioning of laboratories and environments intended for industrial metrology, is the direct manufacturer of AC LABO enclosures, made with a turnkey approach and equipped with all the systems necessary for their operation in an industrial environment.

From small modular boxes to be installed in the production line for the protection of precision machinery, up to large air-conditioned environments intended to host entire production or control processes, our solutions range from the use of standard construction elements to complex customizations made according to closer specifications of our customers.

 Our strength lies in the design and internal production of structures and systems. AC GRAF, at its headquarters, has know-how and production departments for the realization of:

  • Insulated partitions
  • Thermally protected windows
  • Precision refrigeration machines
  • Insulated ducts for air treatment
  • Certified electrical systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems


A committed team of designers uses a common 3D simulation platform for smooth and accurate interfacing with our customers, working alongside the operational technicians who transform drawings and projects into concrete creations for the end-user.

The experience gained in the production of systems for the fine control of environmental parameters has allowed us to conceive AC LABO cabins and laboratories for the most varied applications, such as:

  • Air-conditioned metrological cabins for dimensional tests
  • Test rooms with openable front and roof gates for using factory bridge crane
  • Cells for quality control with automated openings interfaced with the production line
  • Calibration laboratories for electrical, thermal and dimensional tests on primary standards
  • Cleanroom with absolute filtration for special processing, according to ISO 14644-1 standard
  • Blind cells for protection from laser radiation, with forced air exchange
  • Insulation of production departments and industrial buildings to create environments suitable for special processes
  • Highly transparent curtainwall partitions with large glazed surfaces intended for air-conditioned operational offices
  • Multi-storey structures with mezzanines and access ramps

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