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Product description

The air condensed liquid coolers of the Chiller series are characterized by compact dimensions, low power absorption, first level performances and extreme modularity. They are suitable for industrial processes fluids cooling and in food and beverage industry. On request, they can be equipped with exchangers for oil cooling. The water circuit is equipped with an antilocking electro-pump that guarantees the evaporator flow, a pressure switch, a specially designed plastic tank, manual by-pass, drain valve, water pressure gauge and a level sensor. The entire work cycle is managed by a specifically engineered microprocessor unit that guarantees the real-time control of all parameters. The unit allows the module connection to a remote monitoring network. Chiller is engineered to ensure the best productivity to your industrial equipment.

Technical Data

Chiller   20 30 50
Potenza Frigorifera *
Cooling capacity *
kW 2 3 5
Potenza assorbita in raffreddamento
Power input in cooling
W/A   2800 / 6.6  
Portata aria condensatore
Condenser air flow
m3/h   1500  
g R407C   850  
Livello pressione sonora
Sound pressure level
dB(A)   62  
Temperatura ambiente
Ambient temperature
°C   ** ÷  
Alimentazione Elettrica
Power supply
V/Hz 400 / 50
kg   70  
Capacità Serbatorio Tank capacity l   50  
Performances referred to the following operating conditions:

* Cooling capacity: Internal temperature 27°C d.b. 19°C w.b. - External temperature 35°C d.b. 24°C w.b.

**With optional condensation control.
Chiller   A B C  
20 mm        
30 mm 600 550 1050  
50 mm        

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