Precision monoblock air conditioning unit 3.5 - 15.5 kW

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Product description

Precision monobloc water-cooled air conditioning unit for metrological rooms and laboratories.
MonoEsse can operate as a stand alone unit or can be integrated into a system of delivery and suction ducts.
It can be connected to the water supply or to the industrial one.
In four standard sizes it could treat volumes of up to 400m3; special versions are available for bigger volumes.
MonoEsse is the best solution for the control of the temperature and the microclimatic parameters inside technical ambients.

Technical data

MonoEsse VW                  35 45 80 150
Potenza Frigorifera *
Cooling capacity *
kW 3,5 4,5 8,2 15,5
Potenza assorbita in raffreddamento
Power input in cooling
W/A 1300/5,7 1350/5,9 2200/3,5 4400/6,4
Potenza Termica**
Heating capacity**
kW 2,0 3,0 6,0 9,0
Potenza assorbita in riscaldamento
Power input in heating
W/A 2000/8,7 3000 / 13 6000 / 8,7 9000/13,0
Portata aria evaporatore
Evaporator air flow
m3/h 600 850 1500 2600
Portata acqua a perdere (IN/OUT 15-35°C)
Water supply flow (IN/OUT 15-35°C)
m3/h 205 252 448 856
Portata acqua industriale (IN/OUT 29-35°C) Industrial water flow (IN/OUT 29-35°C) m3/h 680 839 1491 2853
Livello pressione sonora
Sound pressure level
dB(A) 52 49 51 53
Classe Class G4
Alimentazione Elettrica
Power supply
V/Ph/Hz 230 / 1 / 50 400 / 3 / 50
Performances referred to the following operating conditions:

* Cooling capacity: Internal temperature 27°C d.b. 19°C w.b.

**Heating capacity obtained by armored electric heaters.
Accessori su richiesta Optionals
Controllo dell’ umidità
Humidity control
Filtrazione assoluta
Absolute filtration
Controllo fine della temperatura
Fine temperature control
Riscaldamento con pompa di calore
Heat pump heating

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