Split tropicalized air conditioning unit 5.8 kW

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Product description

Skip split system air conditioner are projected for being installed in harsh environments and in order to work in particularly reliable and efficient way. These machineries are essentially made for technical areas air conditioning. Every unit undergoes to a complete test and all circuits operational verification.

Scheda tecnica

Potenza Frigorifera *
Cooling capacity *
kW 5,8
Potenza assorbita in raffreddamento
Power input in cooling
W/A 3.2 / 13.9
Potenza Termica**
Heating capacity**
kW 2,0
Potenza assorbita in riscaldamento
Power input in heating
W/A 2000 / 9
Ricambio aria (min/max)
Replacement air (min/max)
m3/h /
g 1500 R134A
Livello pressione sonora
Sound pressure level
dB(A) 58
Limiti temperatura esterna in raffreddamento
External temperature limits in cooling mode
°C -30*** ÷ +60
Alimentazione Elettrica
Power supply
V/Hz 230 / 50 (opt. 400V/3Ph+N+T)
Peso UI+UE
Weight IU+EU
kg 35+70
Performances referred to the following operating conditions:

* Cooling capacity: Internal temperature 28°C - External temperature 49°C

**Heating capacity obtained by armored electric heaters.

***With optional condensation control.

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